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Int. Ed. Engl. 50, 7520–7523 (2011).28.Zani, M. L., Pourcher, T. & Leblanc, G. Mutagenesis of acidic residues in putative membrane-spanning segments of the melibiose permease of Escherichia coli. II. Effect on cationic selectivity and coupling properties. J. Biol. Displacement of the helix XI kink between helices II and IV places Asp55 and Asp59 in a different environment (Fig. 3b and Supplementary Fig. S5d), distorting the pyramidal arrangement. Southern blots of genomic DNA were probed with three overlapping fragments covering the FBN1 coding exonsTwo novel multi-exon FBN1 deletions were discovered. Sci. USA 110, 11343–11348 (2013).49.Madej, M. G., Soro, S. N. & Kaback, H. R. Apo-intermediate in the transport cycle of lactose permease (LacY). Proc. Chem. 261, 6893–6899 (1986).14.Mus-Veteau, I., Pourcher, T. & Leblanc, G. Melibiose permease of Escherichia coli: substrate-induced conformational changes monitored by tryptophan fluorescence spectroscopy.

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